Cut List

Hair Designs

Great Hair Designs start with a consultation to discuss your new look. A
designer cut and then finishing the look with styling tips.

Short Cuts-- Anywhere from boy-short to a tousled shaggy crop.
Hot for: Fine or medium-thick hair that's straight or wavy; people with small,
delicate features; emphasizing gorgeous eyes or killer cheekbones.
Not for: People with really curly hair, unless it's cropped ultrashort.

Bobs-- Lip-length to just above the shoulders, geometric or softly layered.
Hot for: Straight, wavy or curly hair, making your neck look longer; hiding
a high forehead with blunt or side-swept bangs.
Not for: Very coarse, frizzy hair; those with long, narrow faces.

Curly Layers-- Softly wavy, tightly spiraled, or any texture in between, slightly shorter on top than underneath.
Hot for: Naturally wavy or curly hair.
Not for: Straight hair.

Long Layers-- Anywhere from below the shoulders to waist-shimming in back; face-framing, angled pieces that are long enough to tuck behind the ears.
Hot for: Medium to thick hair that's straight or wavy.
Not for: Baby-fine hair or anyone who needs a wash-and-wear style.

Layers--Shaggy or sleek, anywhere from shoulder-length to well below angled all over to add movement to the style.
Hot for: Medium to thick hair that gets "too big" when it's all one length; naturally wavy hair.
Not for: Baby-fine hair.

All one length-- Shoulder-length or below, blunt-cut or slightly angled in front.
Hot for: Fine to medium-thick hair that's stright or wavy.

Women's Cuts $32
Men's Cuts $30
Blow Dry & Style $22
Children Cuts  
0 - 13 $17 - $19
14-17 $20 - $25


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